Welcome to Prajna Yoga, formerly "Sunshine Yoga".

In 2021, I closed my yoga studio and embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

I traveled, I studied, I endured personal challenges, and experienced some intense highs and lows. This was all part of a deep healing process and what resulted was a new vision for my yoga business and so much more.

My mission with Prajna Yoga is to provide authentic yoga education for spiritual development while offering a safe online space to connect, heal, and evolve.

Let's stay connected as I start to roll out new and exciting offerings including a Yoga Blog, mini-courses, and interactive digital products.

I invite you to follow my journey as I (faithfully) embark on a full-time international travel adventure soon with my daughters. We will be living as true nomads with an open-ended timeline. This year is going to be enlightening to say the least!

Stay tuned!

- Prajna

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