200 hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training Course

Many yoga programs have lost touch with the origins of yoga, often omitting a vast majority of yoga culture.

This course is a return to the roots of yoga. A profound journey designed to guide you through the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda in an immersive online & in-person Immersive Retreat.

Rooted in the 8 limbs of Yoga this course offers an authentic and holistic yoga experience whether you plan to teach or you just want to evolve your personal practice.

More than just a Certification Course

This 200-hour program is an invitation to explore yoga as a spiritual practice, to dive deeper into traditional methods for those on a spiritual journey while providing comprehensive guidance for aspiring yoga teachers.

Yoga Lifestyle and more

This program surpasses the standards required to register as RYT 200 via Yoga Alliance, yet it also serves those embracing the yogic lifestyle, regardless of whether they intend to teach.


Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life”. Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life.

Yoga Alliance Accredited

This course exceeds the requirements for 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and qualifies you to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT 200 hour level.

Plus you'll have access to FREE Contintinuing Education workshops each month for all post graduates of Prajna Yoga School (fulfills CE requirements for Yoga Alliance).

World Class Teachers

You will have access to highly experienced teachers & EXPERTS in their fields of Classical Yoga, Ayurveda, and Yoga Anatomy. Read more about the teachers below.

Hybrid Immersive Study

Designed for the dedicated student to fully integrate into the practice. We require students to take at least 3 months of immersive practice and study with on-demand content plus weekly & monthly Live-Virtual classes and support. Once completed, you will join an in-person Immersion & Graduation Retreat in Costa Rica!

Complete & Comprehensive

Exceeding the requirements of 200 RYS program, this program includes 30+ hours of Ayurveda & a 30 hour on-demand Anatomy & Physiology course (taught by co-authers, Amy Matthews & Leslie Kaminoff, of the book "Yoga Anatomy")

Costa Rica Immersive Retreat

After immersing for at least 3 months in the course material and practice, completing all required assignments, and creating a 75 min Yoga Class to teach, you may join the immersion in

Costa Rica.

You will enjoy all the benefits of a retreat combined with intensive study for 6 nights / 7 days where you will put your studies into practical experience.

You will teach a full yoga class and get hands-on experience leading, assisting, and recieving. The energetic exchange with your teachers and Y.T.T. community is unlike anything you'll experience online.

The breathtaking Río Chirripó Lodge prides itself on being a healing sanctuary, located in the mountains of Costa Rica, near the base of the mystical Cerro Chirripó.

The word 'Chirripó' comes from the indigenous word meaning 'land of eternal waters'.

The whole region is known for its therapeutic energy and medicinal waters. In addition to the beautiful Chirripo River access, we will embark on a journey to the world-famous

Nayauca Waterfalls.

Each day the kitchen team creates a new menu for breakfast and dinner, characterized by being totally vegetarian or including locally raised chicken, fresh fish, organic and artisanal products from the area. All of our dishes contain fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and herbs grown in our own greenhouses and gardens.

Testimonials from Graduates

"Prajna, I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am for you and all the things you have done for me and my family. I am honored that you are my teacher. Thank you!"


Y.T.T. Graduate 2020

"It blows my mind how generous and supportive you have been to me. It is just so beautiful that you are so kind and it gives me hope because so many people in the world are not. It makes me feel very loved. Thank you for your patience and your grace and for the example you set as a mother to your girls, it is inspiring."


Y.T.T. Graduate 2023

"My yoga teacher training with Prajna has been beyond life changing. In her class she simultaneously creates and provides a powerful individual and collective experience for the whole class while intentionally sertting everyone up for greatness on their own path. She doesn't just teach and instruct, she embodies the yogic life path that inspires you. This is your sign to sign up for your class right now."


Y.T.T. Graduate 2023

""Thank you for your practice, Prajna, and for living the wisdom that you teach. You are making an impact on the world through just being you."


Y.T.T. Graduate 2022

"Prajna's knowledge of yoga and generous heart were like a breath of fresh air. She shares her passion with reverence to her lineage with enthusiasm that is contagious."


Y.T.T. Graduate 2022

"YTT changed my life & Sunshine Yoga became our home away from home. The peaceful, casual, joyous atmosphere of the studio, coupled with Prajna’s passion for yoga, made my teacher training experience exceptional. I also really appreciated the traditional approach and time spent on Sanskrit, chanting, history, & ALL eight limbs, instead of only focusing on asana and alignment. I will forever be grateful."


Y.T.T. Graduate 2018

This program is designed for students:

  • Seeking an immersive journey into the heart of Yoga and Ayurveda as a way of life.

  • Who feel called to a higher purpose and to help raise the consciousness of the planet through the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda.

  • Students who are ready to dive deep into yoga philosophy, anatomy, and the subtle body.

  • Yoga practitioners who want to teach yoga in it's true form and honor the lineage from which it came.

  • Willing to dedicate their time and energy to the study and practice of yoga and ayurveda on and off the mat.

  • Looking for an accessible training without sacrficing interactive and live support.
  • Excited about traveling for an immesion but can't necessarily dedicate more than a week at a time.

This program may NOT be for you if:

  • You are seeking a fast-track yoga teacher certification.

*This program is a 10 month immersive study program that allows ample time to implement the practices and experience the benefits of the practices.

  • You are only seeking to learn one aspect of yoga or ayurveda and dismiss what doesn’t interest them.

*These sister sciences are complex; they approach body, mind, spirit and life as a WHOLE.

  • You view yoga as a means to physical and mental health, yet are not ready to embrace all aspects of yoga, including sacred mantra (Sanskrit prayers), and honoring the ancient spiritual practices.

*This is understandable, it just means that this is not the right program for you right now and the right one is out there waiting for you to find.

Meet the Teachers

Your team of experts joyfully live yoga

and genuinely love to share their wisdom.

Each trainer has studied with masters of their lineage, and are entrepreneurs in thier field of expertise, with decades of experience supporting students

just like you.

Lead Trainer, E-RYT 500.

Owner & Facilitator

Reiki Master Teacher


Ayurveda Practioner, E-RYT 500,

Reiki Master


E-RYT 500,

Master Yoga Teacher


Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews

Anatomy & Physiology Teachers,

Co-authors of "Yoga Anatomy"

More about Leslie

More about Amy

This program includes 30+ hours

of Anatomy & Physiology taught by

world-renowned experts and Co-authors of the book that is the most commonly used in Yoga Teacher Training programs world-wide.

"My teaching is inspired by my mentor, the late T.K.V. Desikachar. He was fond of saying, "The yoga should be adjusted to the student, not the other way around." My recent work has focused on helping teachers learn to do this whether they're in groups, online, or teaching 500 students at a time."

- Leslie Kaminoff

Time Investment


  • One 90 min Live-Virtual Practice (variety of teachers)
  • 2+ hours Self-study (recorded lessons, reading, writing, etc)
  • 3+ hours Self-practice (yoga on the mat)
  • Daily personal reflection & journaling

Total Average: 8 hours

Monthly (3-6 mos)

  • One 90 min Live Workshop with guest teacher
  • 8+ hours Self-study
  • 15+ hours Self-practice (yoga on the mat)
  • 30+ days of personal reflection & journaling

Total Average: 33 hours

Immersion & Graduation Retreat

  • Accommodations for 6 Nights
  • 3 Nutritious meals included
  • Daily Practice with lead trainers
  • Daily Training Workshops
  • Practice Teaching
  • Study / Personal Reflection Time
  • Graduation Ceremony



  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate (RYT 200)
  • 6 Night Immersive Retreat in Costa Rica (travel not included)
  • Includes 30 hr Ayurveda Course
  • Includes 30 hr Anatomy Course
  • Home Study w/ On-demand content
  • Home Study w/ Live-Virtual Classes
  • FREE Continuing Education Workshops for Graduates

ALL the benefits of in-person training, online course, immersive study and a yoga retreat all rolled into ONE Yoga Teacher Training Course!

If you feel called to join this program, fill out the Application and if you are approved, you will recieve the next steps to take such as payment, books to order, and more.

Program Contents

  • 3-6 months Self-paced & Guided Study
  • 80 + hours Self-paced on-demand lessons
  • 90 hours Immersion Retreat
  • 20+ hours Live-Virtual Practice on the Mat
  • 30 + hours of Ayurveda
  • 30 + hours Anatomy & Physiology
  • Downloadable Resources
  • FREE Monthly Continuing Education Workshops for post graduates (exceeds Yoga Alliance CE requirements)
  • In-depth dive into yoga philosophy including the 8 Limbs, Sutras, Mantra, & Sanskrit
  • Comprehensive yoga anatomy, teaching methodology, techniques, & practice
  • In-depth knowledge and practice of Ayurveda for balance & harmony
  • The Yoga of Ayurveda - learn to practice & teach yoga for specific doshas
  • Specialty Yoga such as Intro to Prenatal, Adaptive, and Family Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take the course if I don't want to teach yoga?

The program is partially self-paced, however, the length of the course is precisely designed to give students the maximum benefit to allow growth and transformation. Therefore it will take a minimum of 10 months to become certified and then 2 more months of support from your teachers while you start your teaching journey, if you choose to teach. Post-graduation hours can be used for Continuing Education Hours per Yoga Alliance.

With such a large variety of online YTT courses and pricing options, why not choose the quickest and / or cheapest one?

When it comes to developing a life-long skill and personal transformation, it is important to find not only a quality program with expert guides, but also to consider that you are making an investment in your future.. The tradition of yoga was originally passed down from teacher to student for a considerable duration of commitment and dedication, therefore a yoga training program should never be rushed or undervalued.

This program is designed for students who are serious about learning the deeper practices of yoga and are willing to invest time and money in getting results.

Can I complete the course in less than 3 months?

No. The program is a hybrid of self-paced content with live support and weekly live classes before the Immersion Retreat. The 3 month minimum is designed to give students the maximum benefit to allow for growth and transformation, so we don't recommend reading ahead or speeding through content. It is also important to have at least 3 months of study so the student is ready to apply the knowledge in a live setting & practice teach before graduating, however you may take as much time as you'd like (up to one year) to complete the online content before attending the immersion. All post-graduates recieve FREE Continuing Education Workshops every single month that can be used for Continuing Education Hours per Yoga Alliance.

Are there books and / or materials to purchase?

Yes, there are just a few books we require and / or recommend. If you are accepted to join the program you will be provided a book list and materials recommended. The investment for books and materials costs $40- $70 depending on the edition and condition you choose to purchase.

What amount of time can I expect to commit each week?

We will have one virtual group class per week and one per month, a portion of which are required, plus self-practice, on-demand content, and the in-person immersion retreat, totaling approximitely 8 hours per week / 30 hrs per month and approx 8-10 days for travel (for the immersion). There is a "Time Investment" table above to help give you an idea of total time commitment.

I'm ready to join, what steps do I take now?

The first step is to click the "Apply Now" button and pay the non-refundalbe application fee. You will promptly be provided with the link to complete the application. Once submitted you will hear back within 48 hours with a decision and next steps (if accepted) which include ordering books and preparing to start the program.